Creating a product bundle

API reference ProductsAPI


This endpoint can be used to create product bundles from products already created. Product bundles can be used to group multiple products together in one identifier (a new SKU and product_id)

Method access
Request Headers
Authorization: Bearer token-from >Authentication
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: your user-agent >How to call the APIs


To create a product bundle you need to specify these fields in the JSON request body:

sku stringCode consisting of letters and/or numbers to identify the bundle.
Has to be unique in your environment.
name stringName of the bundlealways
description stringDescription of the bundleoptional
productType stringConstant with value bundlealways
bundleIngredients list of bundleIngredient objectThe product ids included in the bundle with their quantitiesalways

Request body example

    "sku": "FELMO-000010",
    "productType": "bundle",
    "name": "2 x organic dog food and a fancy food recipient",
    "description": null,

Successful response example

The id returned in the case of successful response is the bundle id which acts a product in byrd.

    "data": {
        "pictureID": null,
        "deletedDate": null,
        "isbn": null,
        "bsku": "BSKU-EBEN6XNPTS",
        "active": true,
        "reorderPoint": 0,
        "weightEstimation": null,
        "changeRequests": null,
        "isDangerousGoods": false,
        "fragile": false,
        "unavailableStock": 0,
        "sku": "FELMO-000010",
        "customsTariffNumber": null,
        "deleted": false,
        "barcodeType": null,
        "physicalStock": 0,
        "retailPrice": null,
        "updatedAt": "2023-03-17T13:41:14.246929+00:00",
        "id": "the_product_bundle_id",
        "purchasePriceEvidenceURL": null,
        "dangerousGoods": [],
        "packagingUnits": [],
        "variantID": null,
        "reservedStock": 0,
        "dangerousGoodsMSDSURL": null,
        "barcode": null,
        "description": null,
        "createdAt": "2023-03-17T13:41:14.246836+00:00",
        "ean": null,
        "lotsEnabled": false,
        "name": "Awesome dog food",
        "availableStock": 0,
        "productType": "bundle",
        "storages": [],
        "shopID": null,
        "originCountryCode": null,
        "purchasePrice": null,
        "dimensions": null,
        "productID": null,
        "skipBarcodePick": false,
        "packagingUnitEnabled": false,
        "organic": false,
        "stocksByWarehouse": {},
        "serialNumberEnabled": false,
        "upc": null