Requesting a test account

Once you decide to start your integration with byrd you need to request a test account.

If you already have an account in our Support page, please create a ticket filling the fields as followed:

  • Requester: Prefilled after you log in
  • Type: Other Request
  • Subject information: Test environment credentials and API key
  • Description: Test environment access and API key

If you don't have an account in our Support page, please contact us and we are happy to help you.

After receiving the credentials

After receiving your user credentials for the dashboard and a pair of API key and secret for authenticating with the API, you can proceed with the next integration steps.


Keep your credentials in a safe place

Your user credentials and API keys should be stored safely and securely. This is important to prevent others from accessing them and using your account or API to perform malicious activities. When storing API keys, it is important to store them away from other parts of your system or your code repository, and to make sure they are stored in an encrypted format.


Set up your company details

The first time you access your dashboard remember to setup your company details including the billing addressunder Settings > Company profile


Test account features

Under your test accounts you can create test products, deliveries and shipments. None of them will be automatically processed or fulfilled by the warehouse. No physical products are moved or shipped.
If you need any delivery or shipment status changes for your integration, please contact us and we will help you.

Test accounts are intended for developing purposes. We kindly ask you to do not create a big amount of products or shipments without consulting with byrd.

What’s Next