Frequency of calls to the API

Here you can find some guidelines regarding the frequency of the calls from your integration to byrd API.

We monitor the use of the API and apply rate restrictions if we detect abnormal use. Please consider these guidelines when building your integration.


Remember to send the User Agent as header of your requests!

You will find more information here.

Login endpoint

The login endpoint is limited to 5 calls per minute from the same User Agent or IP address.

Product, delivery and shipment creation or update

You can create products, deliveries, or shipments as soon as you receive the order in your system. One call per entity is suitable for most use cases. The same rule applies for updates.

If you plan to have a volume of more than ten calls per second, please get in touch with us.

Getting tracking data, product stocks, delivery and returns updates

We recommend downloading the tracking data and product stocks once an hour.

If you want to retrieve data more frequently, please stay within every 5 minutes.