Use the ProductsAPI and ProductAPI to manage your products.


Products are the physical items to be fulfilled by one or more of byrd warehouses.

Products are created once and can be configured, enabled or disabled according to your needs. After creation they will be available to be delivered and shipped from any of the byrd warehouses across Europe.

You can choose to create your products:

  • manually through the Dashboard either one by one or by importing a CSV file, or
  • via the API, which is described in this guide.

You will configure parameters like the name of your product, its SKUs, special characteristics, barcodes, weight and size, customs informations, etc.

Product bundles

Use product bundles to create group of products. After creation you can pass the bundle by their SKU or product_id when creating shipments.

Stock levels

You can retrieve the stock levels for a specific product or for a list of products.

Each product can have 4 types of stock levels:

physicalStockis the total stock present in byrd warehouses
reservedStockis the stock reserved for shipments that are already created but not yet processed
unavailableStockis the stock marked as unavailable by the warehouse (e.g. damaged or expired items)
availableStockis the stock available for new shipments. It is the result from physical stock minus reserved and unavailable.