Receiving production access

As described in Integration phases, after you developed, tested and performed a live test of your integration with byrd, you will receive the the credentials to connect to your production environment from the Onboarding team of byrd.

What should I test while integrating?

Be sure that you read and followed the indications from these guides.
For products: check that all required fields are sent or configured,
For deliveries: ensure that you announce them according with the delivery guidelines
For shipments: check that recipient details are sent in the right fields, check you are sending the right retail price, the customs tariff code and origin country, and all the fields needed for your specific use case

What is expected during the live test with byrd?

On the scheduled day to test the integration with byrd we will ask you to perform live requests to our API for the integrated Endpoints. We will double check that all the needed fields are correctly populated and that the shipments can be processed with the information provided.

What happens after receiving the production credentials?

After a successful integration live test you will receive the production credentials from our Onboarding team and they will help you to setup your environment with the real data to start shipping with byrd.

After the first shipments are sent and you and byrd confirm that everything is ok, the integration process ends and you are from our side successfully integrated with byrd.

byrd is always happy to help you if needed through your assigned contact by byrd.